Putting the pieces together

This is the final stage of the production process, and where we put all of the assets and media we’ve created together in it’s final form. You’ll be kept informed throughout this stage to make sure you’re happy with how the project is progressing and to give you opportunities to provide feedback before it’s finalised.

Video Editing

Editing in its most basic form is cutting up all of our media, and then putting it back together again in a meaningful way. Every video has a story, and this is where we build the narrative.

Motion Graphics

Once we’ve got the sequence built, we start layering on the graphics. Our planning in pre production as well as any branding guidelines will guide the look and feel of the graphics. Motion graphics are an extremely powerful and dynamic tool in video production, and we have experience in both 2D and 3D motion graphics.

Sound Design

Audio is half of video, and good audio can make all the difference in how a video is received. We process the sound in the video to give interviews clarity and sound effects the subtly, after processing we test the sound on a range of devices, to make sure the message is clear wherever it’s heard.

Music Scoring

Whether it’s a stock music track, or a bespoke production, music can give a video life. There’s a huge existing library of music, and picking the right track is paramount to setting the videos tone, we help narrow down the search to a few curated tracks based on the brief, licenses and your feedback. If you want something completely original, you can consult with our music producer, and we can provide a bespoke track based on a music brief to create something truly unique.


Colour is the last step in completing the aesthetic of the video. To achieve a consistent look no matter which device the video is viewed on, we work to industry display standards. initially we correct the colour, this is where we match up each individual clip to give a clear, natural and consistent image across the sequence. Once the sequence has been corrected, we begin the process of grading. Grading is the artistic process of colour manipulation, balancing colours and contrast to give the video it’s final look.


During the entire process we keep you involved, not only so you can be updated on progression, but also to provide feedback and shape the final product along its journey. Needs can change through the process, and before final sign off you’ll be given opportunities to make amends to the project, as well as being able to visit the studio to give more direct feedback.


Once you’re happy with the final product, we can provide the video in an array of different formats and media. Online or in person, we can deliver master copies of your video, as well as any additional formats you might need through our server, or on a hard drive as necessary.


Once the project goes live, we’re still here for any technical support you might need, the project is also archived, so if you ever need to make updates or changes we’ll still have all the necessary pieces in place, and safely backed up. Now you know the journey, the first step is to get in touch.

Orange Reel Productions Ltd.