Putting ideas in motion

Production is the process of capturing the project, either through filming, sound recording or creating assets for motion graphics. This is where the planning in pre production pays off, as the actual production is often the quickest stage of the process.


From the initial consultation through to sign off you’ll be speaking to the same team. You’ll be assigned a project director who will serve as your point of contact throughout the production process, as well as providing creative and technical direction.


We assemble a team based around the needs of the project, whether that be a single person filming or a full production team, we keep the budget sensible by scaling the crew appropriately. Our video production is done entirely in house, but we also partner with some amazing artists when you need more, such as music producers, actors, make up artists or photographers.


The right tools for the job make sure we capture the right look and feel. By establishing the technical needs of the video in pre production, we create a list of appropriate equipment needed for the production. From smooth camera glides to fluid slow motion, our robust range of production equipment means we can adapt to your needs.


Whether at the studio or on set, securing a production location is essential. Access to the site as well as permissions will have already been arranged by the project director during pre production, ensuring a smooth start to the production process.

Back to the Studio

Once everything has been captured, we begin logging and backing up the media. We’re serious about our media, and we keep back ups both on and off site, as well as an archive of every completed project. Once everything has been logged, post production begins.


Orange Reel Productions Ltd.